BentoBox for Coffee Shops and Bakeries

Coffee shops can attract guests with a beautiful website. BentoBox provides the tools to showcase baked goods, who sources the roast, and all branded merchandise.
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What I like about BentoBox is that the platform makes it easier for the restaurant user—the support team is helpful and really took a load off of our plate. Anthony Jacquet Claudine Artisan Kitchen and Bakeshop
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Sell More Gift Cards

With BentoBox gift cards, you can manage and track all online gift card purchases painlessly without having to link out to a 3rd party seller.

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Save Money As You Grow

BentoBox doesn’t charge you if you need to add a new location to your website as your coffee shop’s business starts to expand.

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Sell Merchandise Online

Guests can purchase coffee beans, branded t-shirts, stickers, coffee kits, or whatever goodness your shop sells straight from your website.

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Transform Your Coffee Shop

From tickets for live shows to special gift cards, BentoBox offers features that let your shop be more than just a coffee shop.

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Update Your Menu In Minutes

Keeping your guests up to date on your latest brews and letting them know what fresh baked goods are offered daily is easy with BentoBox.

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Be Mobile Responsive for Guests

Half of your guests will search for your coffee shop on their mobile device, so we created beautiful, mobile-friendly designs that scale to all devices.

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