BentoBox for Fine Dining

A fine dining restaurant should have a website that presents itself just as beautifully as it does its service. BentoBox makes it easy to refine every website detail and anticipate the needs of guests online the same way they are cared for in the restaurant.
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BentoBox has done a great job of freeing up our restaurant teams to do their real job, which is not updating websites at all. It's hospitality. Every minute that they save not working on their website is a minute they can spend taking care of our guests and making incredible food. Ben Turndorf, Digital Marketing Manager Union Square Hospitality Group
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Effortlessly Sell More Gift Cards

With BentoBox gift cards, you can manage and track all online gift card purchases painlessly, without having to link out to a 3rd party seller.

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Update Your Menu In Minutes

Keeping your latest wine list up to date and letting guests you offer exquisite food is easy on BentoBox.

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Book More Private Events

With BentoBox, guests can inquire about private events hassle free so you can book that special engagement party or intimate gathering faster.

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Put Your Best Press Forward

Your website is the perfect place to show off your restaurant’s value with all the press. BentoBox makes it really easy to add new press releases in minutes.

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Stand Out With Design

The interior of your restaurant is beautifully designed. BentoBox’s design team help reflect the same beauty and elegance on your website.

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Be Responsive For Guests

Half of your guests will search for your restaurant on their mobile device, so we created beautiful, mobile-friendly designs that scale to all devices.

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