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Control your content and manage your restaurant's success with an easy-to-use dashboard.

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Easy Content Control

Make updates to your online menus, photos and more. No tech knowledge needed.

Straightforward Analytics

Clear, digestible information tells you how your restaurant is doing.

Grows with Your Restaurant

Add features, locations and events as you expand your business.

Ben Turndorf, Digital Marketing Manager  | Union Square Hospitality Group

“BentoBox frees up our restaurant teams to do their real job, which is not updating websites. It's hospitality. Every minute they save on the website is a minute they can spend taking care of our guests.”

Ben Turndorf | Digital Marketing Manager | Union Square Hospitality Group

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Make Updates in Minutes

  • Edit menus. Change images. Post promos and events.
  • Manage orders and inquiries in one place.  
  • Automate press and social media updates.
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Access Data and Analytics

  • View your stats and website traffic. Easy to read.
  • See your latest reviews as they happen.
  • Access revenue reports. 
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Built to Grow with Your Business

  • More features whenever your restaurant needs them.
  • Templates that scale to fit your business. 
  • Easily add new locations, as soon as your doors open.
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BentoBox Solution

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Agencies are expensive. Make edits quickly, on your own.

Multiple platforms are hard to track. Streamline your ops.

Outgrowing tools is frustrating. Get a scalable system.

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