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BentoBox for Food Trucks

Keep in touch with guests when your food truck is on the move. BentoBox makes it easy to update your location so customers can always find you and comes with tools to help expand business beyond your truck.

Emma Taylor | Chef and Owner | Milk Sugar Love

“I have a better relationship with my customers because of BentoBox. I get to spend more one on one time with them rather than being in front of the computer all day, updating the website. It's amazing.”

Emma Taylor | Chef and Owner | Milk Sugar Love

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Book More Private Events

BentoBox make event inquiries hassle free, meaning more booking opportunities for your food truck.

Show Your Location

Let your guests always know where to find your food truck with our Google map integration.

Be Mobile Responsive for Guests

More than half of your guests will search for your truck on their mobile device, so we created beautiful, mobile-friendly designs that scale to all devices.

Stay Socially Connected

Seamlessly integrate your social media accounts with your BentoBox website, making it easy for guests to find and follow your social channels.

Put Your Best Press Forward

Your website is the perfect place to show off the press your business gets. With BentoBox you can add new articles and press clippings in minutes.

Effortlessly Manage Catering Orders

BentoBox’s catering features let guests inquire about your food options, while also making it easy for you to manage orders in one place.