Websites for Restaurants

Get a beautifully designed website with tools to grow your hospitality business.

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Designed by Experts

Get full-service design and templates that deliver results for restaurants.

Easy-to-use Dashboard

Make updates to your important info and see how your restaurant's doing.

Certified Accessible Website

Access for all with inclusive features, best practice templates and ongoing support.

Accurate Local Listings

Make sure your restaurant's most important info is up-to-date across the Internet.

Restaurant Website Design

Full-service design. Just for restaurants.

Get a restaurant website that drives sales. Designed by our best-in-class team.

Designed for guests on-the-go

Every website is responsive. So it scales to any device.

Templates with built-in best practices

Layouts and features that are proven to bring in more customers

See our design approach
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Content Control. From Your Dashboard.

Updates in minutes

Changes in your menu, hours or important info can be made as they happen. 

Access data and analytics

See your revenue and important information, all in one place.

Grows with your restaurant

Add more pages, templates and features as your restaurant needs them. 

Manage your dashboard
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Ready to learn more?

See how BentoBox partners with restaurants.

Accessibility for Restaurant Websites

Access for all

Make sure your website is accessible by screen readers and assistive technology.

Best practices for digital accessibility

Our partners constantly evaluate our templates so we can evolve when things change.

Accessibility-trained designers and developers

You don't have to be an expert. We offer ongoing support, materials and updates.

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Local Listings. Controlled from Your Website.

Accurate, everywhere

Maintain up-to-date menus, hours and addresses all from one place.

Better local search rankings

Verified information in every listing. Which makes your SEO strategy stronger.

Automated process

Spend less time updating listings. So you can focus on your restaurant.

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